The Ambassador


A theatre production produced by the acting department at Nord university (formerly HiNT) in Norway, in cooperation with the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Santiago de Chile.

A story about the Norwegian diplomat who saved hundreds of Chileans after the military coup in 1973.

Frode Nilsen saved Chileans from military rule by giving them asylum in the Embassy. He helped hundreds of political refugees out of Chile, and was the only ambassador who visited prisons to meet political prisoners in person. Director Rodrigo Malbrán is one of many who was saved through Frode, and one of the first Chilean refugees to enter Norway.

«This is a gift of graditude for Frode Nilsen, his family, and the Norwegian people» – Rodrigo Malbrán


Photo: Patrick Børjesson

– I wanted to make a play about this man because he made a huge difference. Not only for those who went from Chile to Norway in exile, but also for me. He saved my family, my mom, dad and my sister. The aim of this project is to let new generations get to know the groundbreaking work of this diplomat and to show the nobel humanitarian standard of this man. The story will be represented by graduate students from the acting programme at Nord university, former HiNT. The play will be performed in Norwegian, and texted in Spanish in Santiago. For more updates:




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